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Conference Presentation: From Sambista to Song: what an unpublished 86-year old sambista reveals about songwriting. (06/01/2017)

presentation canterbury
presentation canterbury

Leandro Maia, Bath Spa University 

From Sambista to Song: what an unpublished 86-year old sambista reveals about songwriting. 

This work presents songs by the Brazilian songwriter Conceição Teixeira (1930-) in the context of the research ‘Poetics of song: songwriting habitus in the creative process of Brazilian songwriting’. Having composed more than one thousand sambas without receiving formal music education, Teixeira offers an extraordinary opportunity to approach the creative process regarding aspects such as informal learning, intuition and tacit knowledge. Considering the inherent interdisciplinarity of the popular song genre, the research on Teixeira’s songs combines ethnography and song analysis to understanding how a songwriting habitus is manifested through the identification of music dispositions found in her work. 

The presentation is characterised by a 20-minute recital-lecture in solo performance (voice, percussion and guitar) including a demonstration of the transcreational procedures used in the translation of songs. The reasons behind this innovative format are related to the opportunity of joining music performance, music analysis and field research reports into the same presentation, avoiding separation between theory and practice. The possibility of having the feedback and real-time participation of the audience in a dialogical perspective offers additional motivation for this proposal. 

Biography: Singer, songwriter and senior lecturer at Universidade Federal de Pelotas (UFPEL/Brazil). Leandro Maia has released the albums Palavreio (2008), Mandinho (2012) and Suite Maria Bonita e Outras Veredas (2014) and has written music for theatre, dance and movies. Awarded as the best singer in 'Premio Brasil-Sul de Música' (2013) and 'Premio Açorianos de Música' (2015), Leandro was granted with the first 'Prêmio Ibermúsicas' for popular song composition, conceived by the Organization of Ibero-American States (2014-2015). He is currently a PhD candidate in Songwriting at Bath Spa University with research funded by the Capes Foundation/Ministry of Education of Brazil. 

Session: 5A: Creative Process 

Keywords: Samba, songwriting, creative process, lecture-recital

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